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Fischertechnik Club Nederland
Fischertechnik is a family of construction kits that allows realistic working models to be assembled. new doors of discovery and experimentation are opened for students and experimenters of all ages using an innovative system of interlocking building blocks, motors, sensors, lights, pc controllers, and software. the fischertechnik system was developed by fischerwerke, a major german manufacturer of industrial fasteners. fischerwerker's basic building block is uniquely designed, and can be connected on all six sides, enabling an infinite variety of combinations. this many-sided block constitutes the basis for a vast range of kits to suit different ages and levels of dexterity and ability. schools and industry use fischertechnik to simulate the working of everything from simple machines to complex assembly lines. the system allows the functions of actual machines to be modeled down to the last detail. pc interfacing and software allows for models to be controlled through popular programming languages. toys for modeling and designing are also interesting for children, as they allow the processes and principles involved to be demonstrated in a clear and understandable way. they encourage logical thinking and the acquisition of basic technical knowledge in an informal and uncomplicated way. this is why fischertechnik has been in use in schools all over europe and north america for over two decades. fischertechnik introduced the first pc control kit on the market in 1985. the kit allowed students and hobbyists to build ten models of real world machines from traffic lights to dual axis robots. the first software was written in basic and was used extensively in middle and high school to teach pc control, physics, electronics, control automation, and basic applied technology. the first kit spawned a whole generation of pc control kits to teach robotics, general science and technology. success of these kits was proven by the numerous first place finishes in the national competitions of the technology student association in the control technology division. new generations of software and remote interfaces have kept fischertechnik as the standard for innovation and excellence in education and industry.

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Duitse Fischertechnik Fanclub

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